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Do you remember when you first heard Weak by AJR, and you though, "Wow, that is not only a total banger and a definite dance club hit, but also touches on themes of addiction that anyone can relate to, regardless of what their "addiction" is?"

Yeah, that's nice and all, but what if that song (and the corresponding music video) was a JRPG about fighting various monsters on a subway, with all of the emotional range of their song I'm Ready (you know, that 2013 semi-viral song that sampled Spongebob)?

You don't have to wonder, because it's here! Play as Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met as they battle through their demons on a mysterious nightmare subway. No knowledge of the band AJR is required to play this game.

For reference:

Install instructions

Extract the folder "AJRPG-1.0-pc" Then, click on the application simply titled "AJRPG"


AJRPG-1.0-pc.zip 32 MB

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